Figure 1: First view of the YSI package.

Figure 2: The main directory of the YSI package.

Figure 3: The contents of a fresh Windows SA:MP server.

Figure 4: Make sure you merge all the folders. If there is already a copy of YSI installed, make sure you also replace all existing files.

Figure 5: The contents of a Windows SA:MP server with YSI installed.

Welcome to the YSI Wiki

Documentation on the "Y" Server Includes framework for San Andreas Multiplayer. The author is "Y_Less " a.k.a "Alex_Cole" who has to date released more than a dozen of includes and plugins that ease scripting using PAWNO for San Andreas Multiplayer. San Andreas Multiplayer is a online modification for GTA: San Andreas for users to play with other players across the world.

Feel free to edit pages, you may be interested in the YSI Bug Bounty, which covers documentation too.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is actually download YSI. This can be found here:

Opening this file will show a folder called "YSI-master", as seen in Figure 1, and in turn opening this folder will show a set of files and folders (shown in Figure 2) that closely mirror the general layout of a Windows SA:MP server folder (shown in Figure 3).

To use YSI, simply extract the contents of the "YSI-master" folder in to your server directory. The folder called "gamemodes" from YSI should be merged with the folder called "gamemodes" from SA:MP; "pawno" should be merged with "pawno" etc. This is shown in Figures 4 and 5. Once this is done, check that "pawno\include" has a file called "" and a folder called "YSI". Also check that "scriptfiles" has another folder called "YSI" (this stores various user accounts and language data).


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